Women in IT

This time DNA has researched among females in Armenia, who have chosen the IT field for their promotion and development. On average, the share of women employed in IT doesn’t exceed 20%  in the world, but it is around 30% in Armenia (according to itis.am’s article).

At universities, women are equal to men in both numbers and knowledge. We have discussed this complete topic with students Margarita Zargaryan (M.Z.) and Heghine Navasardyan (H.N.), Tatevik Garanyan (T.G.)- who has a long year experience in this field, and Gayane Hovhannisyan (G.H.) – who has changed her sphere with IT. 

Personal traits of girls

T.G. ” Girls are well organized, hardworking, and in their work, they are neater than boys as they are good at technical knowledge”.

G.H. “When women notice a problem, they solve it more in detail than men”.

Dream or a choice

T.G. “Since the school years, I’ve known that my brain type was mathematical, and I considered it to be mine. But it was one of my lecturers who has impacted my choice enormously. I met him during my profession orientation period, and I understood that it’s the programming I would continue my way with”.

M.Z. “In my childhood, I’ve thought, that my profession will interfere with art. But now, when I’m already a fourth-year student in the faculty of Computer Science, I think that programming has a wide area to create. It has a unique beauty, which, day by day, makes my wish to reveal the hidden secrets more and more”.

H.N. “Before university, I was thinking about any field except programming. But Mathematics was strong enough, and it had chosen my profession for me”.

G.H. “I’m an ergo therapist by profession. I was working with children with special needs. There was a problem, and I could solve it only with the help of IT. There was a lack of therapists and opportunities, which was possible to fill only by working in that field”.

I want to specialize in IT

T.G. “For the people who want to enter an IT sector, my first advice is to solve as more logical problems as they can. Learning to use the tools is the easiest part of this complicated work. Collecting the base knowledge will help you to feel good in programming, but it also requires a huge effort and energy”.

G.H. “The essential requirements are the motivation, the wish to seek for new information, and the interest”.

Every work requires a proper attitude

H.N.  “While being in IT, it is hard not to move forward in search of something new. You need to realize that nothing is easy, and every work requires sedulity. The university gives us a thick concrete layer, on which we build our homes”.

T.G. “It’s essential to strengthen your theoretical knowledge in practice. At university, we study algorithms, the sequence of steps, which in practice we use while working on big projects”․

M.Z. also added that we should value the education, and pay attention to theoretical subjects, which sometimes are ignored by us. Big companies also check this point.

The programming and personal qualities

T.G. “I’m in harmony with my specialty, and I can’t see how it has changed me. A coordinated model for solving problems is the sequence of the steps and accuracy. These all begin from the systemized model of Mathematics”.

G.H. “The first thing I noticed once being a student in IT was that people are irresponsible”.

M.Z. “I’ve become more organized and pay particular attention to details”.

H.N. “I think, not the programming, but Mathematics has formed some traits of my character, which I didn’t have before. Now I judge every problem strictly, and try to perform in the best way”.

Tips for beginners

M.Z. ” You will not be able to value the charm and beauty of this field if you are disappointed by tiny failures. Move forward to the developing field, be ready for difficulties, and always educate yourself”.

G.H. “It’s said that we need to continue in the scaring field. Our failures teach us that there is no other way – we need to get up and act”.

T.G. “Don’t be afraid of not knowing anything and asking questions. You have to panic when you realize that you are the cleverest, and from that point, your personal growth will stop”.

H.N. “Love everything you do, be too hardworking, go ahead with confident steps”.

 Written by Heghine Navasardyan