Today, we will reveal the activities of the Wikimedia Armenia Scientific-educational Non-governmental Organization and WikiWorld in general.


Wikipedia is an open encyclopedia, and everyone can edit and create articles. It has subsidiary projects that are quite different from each other, but at the same time interconnected. Young people learn to edit, adding informed materials, obtaining new skills, and, on the other hand, improving Armenian content. Medical articles have a special place as reliable information is crucial for this field. The number of articles is growing day by day which means that Armenian Wikipedia improves becoming a reliable source of information.

International competition Wiki Loves Monuments takes place every year in September. In the framework of the Competition, many tours and excursions are held with various groups discovering and taking photos of the monuments of Armenia that are not in the wiki repository. In this way, Armenia represents itself to the world.

Wikimedia NGO also works with museums. In the framework of these works, museums have the opportunity to participate in international conferences, due to which tourists from different countries come and get acquainted with the Armenian culture.

In general, the aim of Wikipedia editing is to make it available to a wide range of professionals, as they are the ones who provide the correct information in a free encyclopedia. It has a great influence on the strengthening a person’s ability to obtain knowledge, to use information from different sources as well as to improve speech and communication skills.


1. Development and management of new wiki ideas

2. Publication of free knowledge

3. Development of non-formal education

4. Cooperation with international organizations


1. Wikicamps are summer-winter camps organized for children and adults. They differ from all other camps with their form and purpose. The camp is an alternative educational platform which transfer of various knowledge

2. Wikiclubs are special clubs operating in different parts of Armenia, even in schools that promote self-development of school students. They learn to edit articles, the rules and nuances, as well as the tools for editing. Of course, sponsors and their contributions play a big role in the regular activity of Wikiclubs.

3. Wiki loves science project encourages creation and improvement of science-related articles.

4. During Community projects, the programs implemented during the year are fully presented, and the further programs are discussed.


The purpose of Wikimedia is creation and spread of free knowledge as well as various and effective content on equal terms. With its multifunctional activity, it serves the society as a role model, being a basis of professional growth for the youth.

Being a member of the Wikimedia Armenia NGO, The DNA content writer mentions with great excitement that the projects and wiki courses are very interesting, she advises to participate in the projects, learn to edit and enrich Wikipedia.

Written by Anush Mkrtchyan