Where else, except Oxford and Sorbonne: 3 universities in Europe worth learning

Europe is attractive for not only the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Big Ben, and the Vatican but also for taking over 40% of the world’s best universities. That is to say, 40 out of 1,500 of the world’s leading universities are in the “old continent”.

Except for Oxford and Sorbonne, the DNA team has sorted out 3 top-ranked universities in Europe. 

University of Barcelona, Spain

“Freedom bathes everything with light” is the slogan of the university founded in 1450. It’s the top university in Spain with high ranks among the best ones in the world. The university has 18 faculties for Life Sciences programs as well as Humanities and 2 million books for the students.
University of Bologna, Italy

Being one of the first and oldest universities in the world, the University of Bologna was constructed in 1088. Among the most famous students were Pope Alexander VI, Dante Alighieri, Albrecht Durer, Michelangelo Antonioni, Umberto Eco, Enzo Ferrari, and even Giorgio Armani. 
Back in the 10-11th centuries, there was a School of Free Arts instead of the University, where the students could master rhetoric and law.
Today the University consists of 33 departments. The whole building is very attractive both in terms of its exquisite architecture and the Botanical garden of about 2 hectares. There are also 3 separate museums related to history, biology, chemistry, and physics. One of the prominent buildings of the university is Collegio di Spagna College famous for its pink architecture stylistically placed in between Gothic and Renaissance. This college is also responsible for the Bologna Process- to make education more accessible and promote cooperation between universities across Europe.
 University of Grenoble, France
The University of Grenoble, now known as Joseph Fourier University, was founded in 1339. The territory is more than 175 hectares. There are registered about 45,000 students, and every year they have 16,000 alumni from 11 faculties including foreigners.  

Written by Anahit Hakobyan
Translated by Anna Avagyan