What do you want to become when you grow up? 3 professions that will stay in trend for long

“What do you want to become when you grow up?”

I bet you’ve heard this question several times when you were a kid. We’ve all been there.

But what came to your mind when you were asked this question? I guess the answers were different: one day you wanted to become a tennis player, the very next day- a painter, and a day later – a

It’s 2020 outside and despite the situation in the world, some professions will be trendy even in the post-
pandemic reality. Let’s have a look at them!


Professions in this industry are evergreen! When people started to move from one place to another,
tourism became a thing! So jobs like a tour guide, a tour manager, a tour operator are always trendy! For working in the tourism industry 3 basic things are needed: knowledge of foreign languages, curiosity, and enthusiasm! And you’re almost there! More professions related to this sphere are a receptionist and a host.

Teacher (online)

The teacher is one of the oldest and, indeed, one of the most important and crucial professions. Only nowadays, it has converted into something new and exciting! And if some years ago “working from home” and “being a teacher” was something super incompatible, now it’s the new trend! So many people around the world graduate well-known universities and colleges without even taking a single step outside their homes. So why don’t you become an online teacher, who will motivate people to learn something new while staying in the comfort of their homes?


I’m more than sure you go to Instagram or YouTube every day just to check out what your favorite virtual human beings are up to! What if you become one of them?! As influencer marketing is growing day by day, being an Internet celebrity has become more trendy and profitable! You can use your social media platforms and build an entire virtual empire, which can then
become your source of income! And if you were dreaming of becoming famous when you were a kid, you will also make your childhood dream come true! We hope this has somehow helped you to make your likely “profession list” larger and your range of choice wider! Last but not least, always remember to enjoy whatever you do, because if you do so, they
say you’ll never have to WORK!

Written by Nellie Melkonyan