Weeding out hate in charming Georgia

Marie Mirzoyan

I would like to express my gratitude for the chance given to me for enlarging my perspectives and also for lifelong friendships. It was my pleasure to participate in the training course named “Weed Out Hate” held in one of the most beautiful places in the world- Bakuriani, Georgia. The name of the training suggests that during these days calmness, kindness, and forgiveness were prevailed․ Meeting and interacting with people from all around the world was a great experience. During the course, I have learned about how to overcame interpersonal problems how to deal with the difficult situations that can come across during a lifetime. I cannot help but mention that the Georgian staff’s supportive and kind attitude and warm atmosphere made me enjoy the program.

Armenuhi Kocharyan

We are responsible for one another; we must learn to respect, understand and accept each other if we want to bring about the world we all deserve – a world without violence, a world without victims and a World Without Hate.” Emotions bring conflict, and the moment you deal with your emotions, you would be able to live without hate. It’s good to understand your emotions and be ready to control all your activities, especially when you get provoked. Always ensure that you develop some positive emotions in all the situation which you could get faced. The reasons why people hate each other arise from disagreeing with someone over something. For instance, you might end up finding yourself in a heated argument with someone, and each of you stands with a different argument. When you find yourself in such a situation, it would be prudent to avoid such an argument, thus avoid living with hate. In life, we encounter many people, and in the process, we might end up hating each other due to a differing opinion. However, we can all avoid this by embracing each other opinions and accept that other people also air the right messages to us. However, if the case of hatred arised, it would be necessary to ensure that we sit down with those people whom we have developed issues with them and negotiate the best way out in your discussions, you can also opt to include a third party who will act as a mediator in doing so, we can be able to solve our dispute and heal without necessary hating each other. Participating in the program “Weed out hate “in Georgia gave us an opportunity to explore the world with other side We visited amazing cities off Georgia, Borjomi and Bakuriani, we saw to see more that we could not see before.

Mery Vardanyan 

Participating in the program “Weed out hate “ gave me a great opportunity to meet new people and enjoy spending time together. The main idea of the program was to find and destroy the roots of negative emotions. Every day each country had its cultural evening and it gave me a joyful opportunity to learn more about their culture, traditions, their everyday’s life routine, their problems, and desires. We have visited beautiful sights of the city Borjomi and had a masterclass of Georgian traditional dances during Georgia’s cultural evening. Daily sessions made me investigate my negative emotions and feelings more deeply to understand the main causes of them. We have played some team games, spoke about our problems, our county’s problems.To summarize I can say that the hate, anger and other negative and aggressive feeling are mostly caused by misunderstanding, disrespect and disagreement. I understood that if I want to receive respect from another person I should respect him first. I am sure that all of us received a lot of positive emotions and understood that everyone has equal rights, should be respected, supported and loved. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Carolin Semerjian 

Carolin Semerjian a student of master of fine arts in Yerevan, I participated in a 1-week (20-28 Nov) internship program in Georgia/Bakuriani, even though the internship didn’t have anything related to my career but the topic “Tc Weed out hate” caught my attention since we face these problems all the time, the hate, the violence, the inequality among people, thus I was encouraged to apply and participate cause every human being has been through this at least once. The main task of my internship was to create love and not hate, to communicate with each other, to find a solution for this mess we are living in. The experience proved to be both enjoyable and rewarding. I found out all these new pieces of information about each country and how we are all suffering from it, the internship provided us a special experience that can not be found in a book or trade with money. for sure it also improved the effect of learning. However, I encountered some difficulties working on the task cause of different mindsets, but in the end, we reached a point we all agreed on and worked on it.I’m happy that I was one of the participants and glad that I met these genuine and active people that made a huge difference in my life, they showed me that beautiful soul still exists. Some close friendships were made during this period for we understand more about people when we stay with them for some days. Thanks to Erasmus+ I had the opportunity to have this unforgettable experience.