Travel Tips: Relax While the Borders are Closed

What to do if the air and land borders are closed, but it’s summer outside, the weather is wonderful, and it’s the best time to rest? While Armenia is fighting against the virus, the locals are looking for an alternative, local options to replace their vacation abroad. In this article, we’ll talk about five places worth visiting this summer. We have also tried to describe the changes since theCOVID-19.


It is one of the best holiday destinations in Armenia, both in summer and winter. In addition to the beautiful nature and mild weather, here you can try a 1․4 km long ropeway, which lasts about 19 minutes. The ropeway has been operating since 1967. In the days of the coronavirus, nothing has changed here.  The price is 2000 AMD per person.

“Yell” at extreme park

It is in Tavush region-right in the mountains, not far from Yerevan-only 143 kilometers. Here the founders tried to unite adventure, nature, and active recreation lovers. It is the only destination where one can find the top extreme activities in one place: zip-line, paragliding, rope park, running, paintball, horseback riding, off-road tour. For example, to use Zipline, you will need up to 15 thousand AMD here. It will last almost 1.5 hours.


Among the modern sights of Armenia, we should mention the “Tatever” ropeway opened in 2010. It is the longest ropeway in the world, which moves without a stop. The length of it is 5-700 meters. It connects Tatev’s monastery with Halidzor village. In the days of the coronavirus, you have to wear a mask to use the ropeway, because the mobile closed cell is small, and keeping a social distance of 1․5 meters becomes difficult in case of more than three passengers.


Here is the most beautiful and unique bridge you will see in Armenia. Khndzoresk Bridge connects Old Khndzoresk- one of the most mysterious places in Armenia with a trendy settlement. It used to be impossible to reach that place, as they were almost cut from the world. Visitors only had to follow the landscapes from a distance. The 100-meter-long bridge connected the two sides of the 63-meter-deep gorge. The coronavirus does not seem to have reached here. For your safety, please be sure not to take a mask or alcohol, and watch out, so that the bridge is not overloaded.

Lake Sevan

What an Armenian holiday without the Lake Sevan. You do not need a mask when tasting delicious fish and swimming in the lake, but the beach. Sevan is one of the freshwater and high altitude lakes in the world, and this year it has become possible to “stay away” from the salty waters of the seas and oceans for at least one summer. 

Wherever you go, make sure to smile and enjoy your holiday, because no matter what- life still goes on and it’s pretty amazing!

Written by Nellie Melkonyan