Travel tips from DNA. Let’s travel to Italy

Sit comfortably, fasten your seat belts, and follow the DNA Travel Trips. Today we are traveling to cultural, colorful, and delicious Italy with the president of DNA Anna Meliksetyan.

Italy is one of the famous countries in Europe. 60% out of the world’s sights are in Italy, and it is impossible not to visit and explore them.

Here are some tips before you travel

The Italians stand out with their temperament. Coming to Italy, you live through the whole history of the country – starting from the Roman Empire when the Italians created the most beautiful architecture, culture, and their narrow streets, where you can taste Italian national cuisine.

Plan your route, clearly choose the days of the visit, so that you don’t spend more time in one city, and don’t have time to see the others, because almost all the cities of Italy are diverse.

Pay attention to  the papers

  • A Schengen Visa is required, provided by the Embassy of Italy in Armenia. As an alternative, you can use the TMS Visa Center.
  • The cost of the Visa is 35 euros. It’s necessary to submit the relevant documents (application, insurance, photo, reference from workplace or university, An invitation-in case if you have it,  bookings of air tickets and other means of transport, also the bank statement about having some money in your account. For more details go to the link-)
  • You also need a good mood.

The best time for the visit

Italy is beautiful in all months of the year. In spring it’s nice to enjoy the nature of the whole country when trees and flowers bloom. Summer is very hot unless you plan your rest on the beach. But if you are going to visit museums, sights, especially Venice all day long, you should try it in the fall.

Maximum or minimum budget

The diversity of Italy is so huge that the budget depends on your preferences. The minimum amount for a complete rest can be about 100 euros per person per day, in case of staying in a standard hotel, and about 30-50 euros extra for food and other expenses.


It’s preferable to travel by metro or train, in Venice and Genova you can also try a Venetian gondola. There are many buses as well, but Italians, considering their Siesta, are a slightly calmer nation, and it’s possible to miss your flight because they will be late. You have to be careful while using taxis because many scams happen there.

The most interesting discovery

Florence is a great discovery, where you feel as if the hero of medieval books or movies, as well as Turin- famous for a car museum with samples of the oldest cars.

The most impressive thing in Italy

St. Lazarus island with a Mekhitarist Congregation is a very impressive, and a spiritual place, where Armenian concordances live.

Every Armenian should visit the Mekhitarist Congregation at least once.

Here is the 2nd largest Armenian manuscript repository in the world after the Matenadaran.

In the Mekhitarist Congregation is prepared the most delicious rose jam of the world, which is uncomparable with its unique taste.

Top 10 places to visit

1. Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore

2. Ponce Vecchio ( during sunset)

3. Galleria dell Academia

4. Toscany wine yards

5. La scala in Milan

6. Cinema museum in Turin

7. Aquarium of Genoa

8. Vatican

9. Rome


Interesting facts about Italy and Italians

  • Italy has some wineries in a small town of Caldari di Ortona, where you can taste locally produced red wine for 24 hours a day.
  • It’s a bad sign when you put the bread upside down on the table. Some historians believe that it was initially used in the Middle Ages for the executioner of the city.
  • Since the 4th century, Italians had been using pasta, but the historians found paintings in a pre-Roman Italian tomb, which depicted a pasta making equipment.
  • Cornicelmo charm, which resembles chili pepper or a small horn, protects from the evil eye.
  • Superstitious Italians avoid people who have blue eyes, thinking that it’s bad luck.
  • Don’t be surprised if your hotel doesn’t have the 17th floor, as the Italians believe that this number is unlucky. If we rearrange the Roman numeral for 17 (XVII), it will look like VIXI, which means “I have lived”- the symbol of death.
  • The unofficial symbol of the country is the wolf.
  • There are only 21 letters in the standard Italian alphabet. The Italian alphabet doesn’t have the letters J, K, W, X, or Y.
  • 13 out of 38 plays of Shakespeare were set in Italy.
  • The first thermometer was designed by an Italian inventor Santorio Santorio.
  • Italians invented eyeglasses.
  • Italy’s last king ruled for just 36 days.
  • Don’t give someone your best wishes. Instead, you can say “In bocca al lupo” or “into the wolf’s mouth”- meaning “good luck”.

Written by Anush Mkrtchyan