Travel Tips by DNA: Let’s Fly to New York

Take your seat comfortably, fasten your seatbelts, and follow the travel tips by DNA. Today we are flying to New York – a big plate full of different cultures of the world with Vahagn Vardumyan.

New York is considered the most densely populated city in the USA, where the majority is not the locals. It’s impossible to pass by this city without admiration.

Important to know before traveling

  • The preferred way of transportation is a bicycle. If you don’t like riding, you can use the metro as it is the second comfortable means of transportation.  
  • You would better live in Brookline, instead of Manhattan. It is with an average price system, far from the noise, and near the main sights.
  • You can make your meal at home, and buy the ingredients from supermarkets.
  • It’s advisable to visit both paid and unpaid museums. The list of free museums with a tipping system is worth visiting (follow the link-

Transportation system

As a suitable means of transportation, the metro is preferable too. It’s like a European metro with low floors and beautiful brick walls. It is rarely late. There are always a lot of people there, and sometimes it is overloaded.

If you plan to use the metro, we advise you to get weekly or monthly usage cards.

You can also meet musical bands in the metro, who sometimes hold symphonic concerts keeping the atmosphere of the city lively. The government is paying attention to the cultural usage of the metro, that’s why anyone who wants to play there must pass an exam.

Trip duration

If you are planning your trip, it’s essential to know that the flight and the adaptation period will also take some days. Taking these circumstances into consideration, the minimum days of a proper trip is 15.

If you want to reveal all hidden gems of New York, a-month-trip will be the ideal duration.

Whenever you plan your trip, note that it is always very windy in New York: in spring and autumn, there is also a light rain, whereas summer is hot and humid.

Top 5 sights to visit

  1. Atlantic Ocean

It’s a recommended place for the people who dream “to touch the ocean”.

2. Dumbo 

It is a convenient neighborhood for walking and sightseeing, situated in the middle of Brookline and Manhattan bridges.

3. Promenade

It’s the paved public walk next to the sea, which is a lovely place if you prefer walking or riding a bicycle.

4. Neighborhoods for national minorities (Little Italy, China town)

The places are full of signboards, menu, style, and culture.

5. Skyscrapers

Skyscrapers that are spread all around the city are the best place for admiring the unique architecture, having memorable sunrises, and sunsets.

Fun facts about New York

  • If you need some furniture or useful things of good quality, you can take them from under the walls of the buildings, where the locals leave everything they don’t need anymore.
  • The city pollution is about a noise (the absence of silence), the lights (it is never getting dark), and the view (the buildings cover the sky).
  • You can see European colors all around the city (metro, buildings, living style).
  • People dressed in the funniest clothes are treated well by society.
  • Make sure that you are not photographing a local because privacy is a priority for the New Yorkers.
  • If you are late for the scheduled meeting with the New Yorker, perhaps you will never get the second chance.
  • If you want to admire fascinating places in New York, you can upload the “Spotted by Locals” app.
  • You have a chance to be in New York’s famous universities as a free listener or even a lecturer. It will be real if you make an appointment with the specialists in that field.
  • New Yorkers are very thankful when you present them with your national symbols.

Written by Heghine Navasardyan