The unexpected meeting of me and corona in 2020

Have you ever thought that what you see in movies or read in books may happen in real life? The Earth quickly became infected with corona. In an instant and a much unexpected way, communication, everyday life, our favorite work, volunteering, almost everything was done remotely on online platforms. It was particularly vulnerable to the educational system.

Some students like me were working day and night on our graduation thesis, trying to present ourselves in the best way. Of course, each of us was imagining defending the dissertation in front of the pulpit. But we could not predict or even think of doing it on the Zoom platform that has become familiar to all of us very fast. 

However, I overcame that stage and gradually began to get along with the virtual environment and conclude that perhaps this is the best thing, you should not inject yourself with negative charges, be patient and watchful.

Corona has both good and bad consequences, with advantages and disadvantages. The good side for me is the wide range of opportunities created in the virtual platform to provide a non-formal education. All you need is a comfortable office/house, a computer, a soft sofa, a variety of online learning platforms, and you can conquer the non-formal educational world with one click of a mouse. They all, on the one hand, make everything easier and manage time, but on the other hand, they have a negative effect, because being online for a long time is tiring with a chance of getting health problems.

With the spread of corona, we began to live a new era of life in a new rhythm. Unfortunately, there is less face to face communication with friends, and we do it via video calls. However, no matter what, life goes on, we should not complain: the Earth is resistant and beautiful right now, even in 3 minutes, 24 hours later, 365 days.

Written by Anush Mkrtchyan