There are some essential skills for the homo sapiens of the 21st century to grow and get to the desired position. So what kind of skills are they and how to get them? Here comes another educating topic by DNA to give you the answer. 

1․ Define the skills  
Skills are also related to education and the profession. Some of them are must-have for the 21st century, such as:

· Time management,
· being creative,
· team working,
· analytical ability,
· emotional quality (EQ)

It may sound odd, but I am a very proactive person, and it helps me to develop the rest of my skills. Keep reading to find out how. 

2․How to get skilled   

Being a long-term volunteer is one of the options for the youth to get all the essential skills. Why a long-term one? Only in this case, one can transform them into a habit. 
You would better know the difference between local and international volunteering from the beginning. If it’s your first experience, you should start with a local one and get more detailed information. You have a chance to understand the reason and mission of being a volunteer, find out your and the NGO’s duties and rights, how to act in different situations, etc. 

But if you are applying for international volunteering without a local one, in addition to the above-mentioned issues, you will have to go through some cultural, language barriers, adaption process, and learn the country laws in general. 
 I am sure if you start looking for both local and international projects, you will be able to find them. Educational projects serve as a catalyst and are also in demand. DNA NGO, as an example, is a platform for such kind of volunteering projects, and we have already managed about 500 participants in 25 countries. 

 In the end, I would state that all types of volunteering projects will serve you well. As a result, the time you spend on getting skilled will make you fortunate, and one day you will be able to
Share your success story.

Written by Ani Khachatryan
Translated by Anna Avagyan