Family is the dearest thing for everyone. It is a group of people that are the closest to us, the people that know us from the very start of our lives. Everyone at some stage of his or her life has to make a choice and needs an experienced person to show the right path. One of the main factors in every person’s life is his career and profession because it will lead to a successful and prosperous life. And here comes the time to ask for help to make the right decision. 

So I am going to share my thoughts about this delicate topic on behalf of the DNA team.

Parents’ bad influence on their children

Sometimes parents affect their children’s psychology with their behavior without even thinking about the results. Some families set expectations for their children regarding their careers and future. However, it may have different effects on different people. Some children, being dominated their whole life, make decisions without even considering their interests, goals, needs, or abilities. They fear for the disapproval of their parents. They were taught that being a doctor or a lawyer is a well-paid profession and away better than an artist, musician, or dancer. 

And what happens in these cases? A teenager shoots down all the ideas, dreams, expectations, and puts all his efforts on learning, working to satisfy his parents.

 Here is an example of such a case that I would like to bring. So, one of my closest friends wanted to become an artist as she drew fantastically. Her parents did not share her thoughts and made her become a teacher, as it was supposed to be the most appropriate profession for an Armenian girl. Now she is a teacher who is not interested in teaching and loves drawing. 

Parents’ relatively good influence

 I would also like to talk about another effect of parental role on career selection, which is not that negative as the first effect. In this case, parents delicately do the same thing, however not imposing: they warn their children about the future problems they may face in their careers. They let their children be open with their decisions and independent in their lives. I want to bring the example of my family. Both of my parents are doctors. When I said that I wanted to become a doctor as well, my parents advised me not to hurry in making such a decision, because it is the most responsible and, why not, a dangerous profession. I considered their advice and paid much attention to the difficulties of this profession. And now I can say for sure that due to my parents I could understand that this profession is not suitable for me. I feel grateful to them for the right guidance.

In conclusion, I can state that choosing a career is a vital phase of life, which has an impact on your whole future. All of us need our parents’ advice and encouragement in all our choices and decisions. Parental influence is significant because they are our mentors, that is why they should help their children to explore professions, develop their knowledge, not to be afraid of difficulties. I would like to see them guiding their children and not imposing, helping but not dominating, encouraging, and not depriving them of their dreams.  

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Written by Sona Chovushyan