Imaginarium. The World 20 Years from Now.

During interviews, we are often asked where we imagine we will be 10 or 20 years from now. In most cases, we all give a purely professional answer, based on the areas we master.

But have you ever tried to imagine what the world around you would be like in 20 years, what people, nature, the different phenomena we come in contact with every day would be like? If you have not, our hero will help you to imagine. This time, DNA has talked to a hero who came from the future.

“You put the sunglasses in your eyes and leave the house to be away from the daily monotonic work. Taking your first step, you enjoy the air and, at that very moment, when you were at the promising starting point of the fairy tale you had created, something heavy falls directly on your head. You raise your head and remember that you have forgotten to take your protective cap. It has been several months since it is required to wear a protective cap and you forget it in your shelf again. After all, these birds are already preparing their nests with the latest methods. People have succeeded to train birds. Birds carry heavy equipment on their backs, with the help of which they “prepare technically powerful nests,” heal their wounds on their own and collect the garbage they have created. And here, one of those devices falls on you – a sign of wealth, as people say nowadays.

You have to continue your way now. You feel that everything outside is different from the repetitive walls of your own house, there seems to be something unique here, as if people differ from you, even with their appearance. Although you were fascinated by philosophical thoughts, it was not interesting at all for the robots, who were dancing different countries’ dances in the middle of the Square, focusing strangers’ attention on themselves. Right at the moment when your attention was on them, they were dancing “kochari” hand in hand with such excitement that was hard to miss. There seemed to be something so attractive in the dancers. That moment when you were thinking about what was in them so dear to you, your attention is distracted again. This time, the beautiful loving couple draws your attention. The boy and the girl walked side by side, crossing their eyes from time to time. They were never apart, even while not looking at each other. There was a small robot in the girl’s arms. He was indescribably similar to his parents. Maybe he was the couple’s firstborn.

Having a family is one of the most important stages in life the successful accomplishment of which is crucial. This was another thought that should have become the subject of your thoughts. Of course, pondering of that thought remained incomplete when you accidentally noticed a supermarket that differed in its design. It was probably left from the previous decade. Surprisingly, people still worked there, answering various customer questions. They were making payments with some incomprehensible paper and small round metals instead of usual cards. No words, it was an extraordinary supermarket. It seems that years have changed the criteria of different phenomena.

You look at the clock and realize you are being late for the online meeting. You rush home. Keeping the same pace, you will be late for the meeting, you can take an air taxi, especially taking into account that there are not so many traffic jams today. You find the sign of the yellow arrow on your hand which orders you an air taxi. The taxi is already there in three minutes. You sit and an hour’s walk turns into 5 minutes. The driver seemed to be careful and felt that you were in a hurry. One of the advantages of an air taxi is the availability of drivers, which is not the case with a land taxi.

You are already at home. While the meeting is still half an hour away, you can recharge a little. You find the cords in your shelf, connect them to the according frame, lie down on the sofa and “relax” in the language of the decade ago.”

Who is our hero? At first glance, it seems difficult to understand. Maybe our hero is a robot who already has the characteristics of thinking, feeling, surviving, striving and fighting? Or maybe he is a person whose life has been robotized over the years and who already has the opportunity to recharge himself to save rest time?

Along with the development of technology, we sometimes need to look back and then forward and try to make conclusions about changing values and standards. What seemed impossible yesterday is now a new reality. Artificial intelligence seeks new methods day by day and discovers new ways of bringing humanity to a new level of development. Different human values sometimes change passing this technological evolution – some lines are forgotten, some are created.

Time has strong power. It is always in a hurry, it runs very fast, it both breaks a lot of walls and runs through them, sometimes not letting us think over changing values. Let’s run with the time, trying to turn this chaos into a game where we will make the time run after us!

Written by Heghine Navasardyan