The Future is IT: Why Should Young People be Interested in it?

What if one-day robots replace people, and technology becomes the most powerful thing in the world?! If you have at least once thought over this question, then the IT-sphere is interesting for you at some point. What if we tell you DNA has the perfect opportunity to dive deeper into this wonderful atmosphere of IT and gain new, useful skills? In collaboration with the “Effective Web Programming” company, DNA has created a free of charge IT course for children aged 12-15 from Armenian regions for five days. For the registration, please, follow . The registration deadline is August 6.

Now let’s see who’s standing behind “Effective Web Programming” and what its story is like! We suggest you read our interview with the founder of “Effective Web Programming” Gevorg Abrahamian.

How long have you been in the IT sector, where did you start?

– I have been interested in IT since 2007, but university classes and parallel work did not allow me to enter this amazing field. In 2017, I realized that we need to go deeper into this field for a sustainable future. I was studying in a private company in the same year, but then I realized that self-education is the key to success. And as the Internet was full of information, I could quickly define what I needed. After a few months of hard work, I started working as a lecturer, and I still enjoy doing my job.

Did you have any difficulties finding employees? In general, what challenges did you have at the beginning of your initiative?

– At first, I didn’t have any employees. As there are many companies like this in Armenia, it took a lot of time, effort, and energy to be able to succeed in the field. The great desire and love for the IT-sphere made me take this more seriously. When I overcame the first stage, I already needed staff to help me mainly during the projects. And as I already had a large group of students and colleagues, I could easily choose whom to trust. I have always tried to teach myself. Of course, there were some situations, when it was simply impossible to work on my own, so my smart students came to help.

What is the advantage of being involved in the IT-sphere? In your opinion, why should young people be interested in this sphere?

– This field is quite interesting. New technologies appear every single hour and make the world more compelling. Despite your willingness, you are aware of all the innovations in the world, know about the social media pages, where we all spend most of our day, actually work. I think, regardless of the profession, a person should be at least minimally aware of the achievements in the field of IT, which will make his/her life incomparably easier. Almost every profession in the world has been entrusted to the computer. And if it continues this way, dozens of them will disappear or be replaced by machines in the coming years. So we need smart and informed programmers, indeed.

How did the collaboration with DNA start?

– I learned about DNA from my student. The offer came from them, and because once I was engaged in a charitable project, I was interested in the idea of cooperation. Another important thing is that, while having an internship, students can get skilled and also do good things for children. In my opinion, every Armenian should be useful to society, especially to the children, as they are the guarantee of our powerful country.

What projects do you expect within the framework of cooperation with DNA?

– We plan to organize courses with DNA, and within the framework of cooperation, we will conduct a general one. Then, upon request, they will be registered in our company, and will receive a full education (paid one), but with a special discount.

What advice would you give to beginners in the field (for ex. beginner programmers)?

  1. First of all, before starting, share some interest in this field to be able to overcome the difficulties encountered.
  2. When they pass the first stage, they should spend as much time as possible in their work. They need to cut themselves off from the world for a few months, after which they will appear in the magic world of IT.
  3. I would recommend starting at an early age so that they had more time to study languages (edit. programming languages).
  4. While studying, the student needs to be actively involved in self-education, learning new things
  5. constantly, applying new technologies.
  6. After graduation, I would advise you not to look for a high-paid job from the very beginning. Even if you have to go through a free internship, use that time for the practice, and then life will put everything together.

    Written by Nellie Melkonyan