The Armenians of the world

The Armenian diaspora, estimated at 10 million, is three times the population of Armenia itself, with migrants and their descendants sprinkled across the continents from Russia to the United States, UK, Lebanon and Australia.

As with many diasporas, Armenians have often flourished in their adopted homelands, contributing to business and sport, as well as cultural and political life. 

That diversity is reflected of the world’s most interesting people of Armenian descent.

     Stevan Kandarian – the president of “Metlife” International Insurance and Financial Management Corporation.

The “Business Pundit” magazine estimated his wealth at $ 25 billion. Stevan Kanarian is one of the Armenian philanthropists who prefer not to publicize their charity activity. He regularly sponsors leading US lobbying groups.

     Sergei Galitsky – one of Russia’s richest people. By the way, his real last name is Harutyunian, but after getting married he “took” his wife’s last name. 

     “ I am 75 percent Russian, and 25 percent armenian. I grew up in the Russian environment, unfortunately, I do not know Armenian, but I am proud to be Armenian” – Galitsky said on one occasion. 

     According to Forbes, his fortune is estimated at $ 10.3 billion. In 1998 he opened a grocery store called “Magnit” in Krasnodar, which later expanded into a “Magnit” stores chain. Galitsky is also the owner and president of the Krasnodar football club. 

     Samvel Karapetian – Russian businessman, owner of “Tashir Group”. According to the latest data, Karapetian owns 24 shopping centers, 8 hotels and 7 office complexes, totaling about 1,3 million square meters of commercial real estate.

    In 2014, Karapetian was ranked 32nd by Forbes magazine’s “200 richest businessmen in Russia with his $ 4,3 billion.

In January 2018 Karapetyan was named by the US Treasury Department in the Putin list, consisting of 114 senior political figures and 96 oligarchs, all of whom rose to prominence under Russian President Vladimir Putin.

     Dani Khachatouov – Former CEO and co-owner of “Rosgosstrakh” company. He is one of Russia’s richest Armenians. Khachatourov’s initial capital was formed while he was working for “Slavneft” company. The oil business didn’t particularly interest him, so the businessman went into insurance. 

     His fortune is estimated at $ 2,6 billion. He is 613th in the Forbes’s list of billionaires and 40th in the list of “200 richest Russian businessesmen”.

  Eduard Eurnekian – 85-year old Argentinean-Armenian businessman who is the second richest man in Argentina. He manages the entire media market of the country. 

     In 1995, he was named Argentina’s “Man of the year”. The president of the country awarded him a medal for the development of the country’s economy. According to the latest data, Eurnekian’s wealth is estimated at $ 1,8 billion. In the Forbes billionaires list his name is in the 831st place.

      Kirk Kerkorian- American-Armenian businessman, billionaire, investor and philanthropist. He was the president and CEO of “Tracinda Corporation”. Kirk Kerkorian was born on June 6, 1917 in Fresno, California, USA. He passed away in 2015, June 16, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

     In 2004, he was awarded the “National hero of Armenia”, the highest state award for “Exclusive Services to the homeland”.

     At the time of his death in 2015, his wealth was estimated at about $ 4.2 billion

     Michael Poghossian – (April 18, 1956, Moscow) Armenian aviation instructor, rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute, Doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of NAS, foreign Member of NAS RA.

     In 1979 he graduated from the faculty of Aeronautics of the Moscow Aviation Institute. After the institute he was appointed as an engineer-constructor at the “Sukhoi” Aviation factory in Moscow, since 1994 he worked as deputy chief constructor, and since 1997 he was the general director of “Sukhoi” Aviation industrial Complex and at the same time since 1999 he was the general director of “Sukhoi” SBU.

    Besides, Poghossian also initiated the process of creating a completely new passenger plane for the company. In 2020, the financial turnover of concern amounted to about 40 billion Rubles. Under Poghossian’s leadership until 2010 the Sukhoi concern has been on an exceptional rise.

     Poghossian led the design of the SU-21 “business-class” supersonic passenger aircraft and the SU -47 wing bomber.

Written by Vanush Harutyunyan
Translation by Inna Voskanyan