Summary of 5-week course on environment and eco-friendly lifestyle

Course on environment

In November 2019 our volunteers Mane and Mary with DNA’s support collaborated with Hakob Kojoyan Art Educational Complex in the scope of 5-week course on environment and eco-friendly lifestyle. We aimed to raise awareness about the importance of being environmentally friendly through 5 classes that tackled environmental issues and were aimed at making kids more conscious about the challenges our planet faces currently. 

The course was a practical introduction to the basics of environmental lifestyle which were applied to everyday life. 6 graders learned about the techniques to identify,  and understand the importance of being eco-friendly. Each class had a special topic that introduced kids to various behaviors that can be developed while caring of our nature. We challenged ourselves and gathered the waste and sorted out into paper and plastics for future recycling. During one of our classes Mary, who is an artist and graphic designer helped the kids to create Christmas trees, envelopes and many other decorations from paper wastes. This one month was a practice, discussion, criticism to reevaluate our perception of what it means to love nature, take care of the planet, and adopt appropriate behavior. DNA signifies to engage people in a discussion of rethinking what sustainable living means and what kind of practices it implies. 

Here we share with the feedback of our environmentalists:

“Most of all I liked when we created a Christmas tree out of waste. It is both artistic and eco-friendly, well, because we study at an art school it was really helpful.”

“During the classes, I liked when we used waste to create what we wanted. Even an unnecessary paper became useful.”

“Classes were really interesting to me; I also learned from my classmates.”