Social entrepreneurship: your next step of making the world better!

How many times have you thought of having a fancy car, a big house with a pool and a job in an office that pretty much looks like a skyscraper? I’m sure you’ve done it a lot! One more question here: what do you associate all these things with? Yes! You’re right! With a person who has a lot of money. But is it really about the money? Think of the process, the journey one goes through to get those things.

One starts with nothing, while one was born with everything.

The one who was born with everything is lucky enough to enjoy the life, but let’s think about the one who has nothing, but still wants everything. Getting a well-paid job? Working 24/7? Maybe starting a business or becoming a social entrepreneur? How many times have you thought about the last one and how many reasons have stopped you from starting? If you lack motivation for starting your small business-alike something and becoming an entrepreneur, I’m here to share some ideas with you.

First of all, lets’s see what is social entrepreneurship in general?

It is  an approach by individuals, groups, start-up companies or entrepreneurs, in which they develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues.

  • First and foremost, becoming a social entrepreneur will develop your skills to appreciate the community, the environment and your participation in the social, political and many more processes as well as to work on sustainable goals.
  • Once you start, the journey will inspire you to build up to something new and better and get engaged in entrepreneurial activities around certain issues, for example, preserving the environment.
  • As for now, it will allow you to find different ways of overcoming the current economic crisis caused by the COVID-19.
  • You will inspire youngsters just like you, who are maybe afraid of starting, taking their first baby steps in the world of social entrepreneurship. You will become a source of impact.
  • There is the entrepreneurial passion and there is the impact. You can use both to put your energy into solving a meaningful issue that will contribute to our society and environment.
  • Youth has a different approach to life, it has a different sense of priority, so be sure you will soon get noticed by bigger entrepreneurs if you keep on working hard!
  • Your social mission can make the world a better place and monetary profit will soon become just a tool for you to accomplish more making the world better-centered goals.
  •  Certainly, social entrepreneurship is more than an economic activity, because it gives positive world-changing solutions at a time when we need them.
  • Social entrepreneurship matters because it maximizes social benefit. And to do so, youth has to find unique ways of creating sustainable solutions to either global or local problems! You’re gonna make sense anyway!
  • And remember: making money is not enough. As a human being you need to add a meaningful value to the world!

And that’s why we are here for! DNA will help you along your journey of partnering with communities, government bodies, the private sector and other organizations around the world to bring transformations and build community resilience! Written by Nellie Melkonyan