“Go through turbulence, and eventually we will find some smooth and calm air.”

– Robert Bassili

On 12 October 2019 DNA NGO hosted a public discussion by the investor, businessman, philanthropist Robert Bassili, founder of Ramsis Capital LLC and DNA Board Member, who unfolded his story behind “The Right Time to Invest $300,000,000 in Armenia” The audience was diverse; government officials, foreign ambassadors, and of course people who are loyal to DNA’s mission and vision were present to the public event.

The son of a Greek father and Armenian mother invited the participants to understand and analyze his journey, or the “movie life” starting from childhood to nowadays. His speech was expansive, thought-provoking and heartfelt because the aim was to untangle what is “success,” how one can achieve it and what is the price to pay…

According to Mr. Bassili, the biggest lesson he learned in life is building relationships. “They make you a lot of money but more importantly, they save your life.” In the event, a lot has been spoken about patience. For Mr. Bassili it “is something that is not spoken about or appreciated, but in business, patience is one of the most important attributes.” Mr. Bassili prioritizes “failed” businesses over the succeeded once because he has a clear understanding of what one person might have dealt with. Whether the business faces a problem in human capital, strategy or finance, Bassili is there to aspire, inspire and achieve. Moreover, as we got to learn more about him, it became clear that Bassili is a huge fan of mentoring and advising people in need. A couple of startups in Armenia had the opportunity of getting first-hand experience and knowledge on how to grow their startups during Sevan Startup Summit.
During the public discussions our participants were actively engaged in gaining new insights from Mr. Bassili on their unique individual matters though addressing questions. Some came to learn how to face a “failure”, others how to learn from it, and some to become richer.

Written by Mane Matevosyan