Organic agriculture is growing due to the vast number of funded projects. Generally, the young
generation is involved in it, so the DNA team is going to tell you about one of such projects in
Tavush region of Armenia. 
Chinchin is the name of the village where Zohrab has his bee farm. He loves what he is doing
and the place where they live. Even though there are not many people living in the village, he
still hopes for a better future for the kids. That’s why he precisely takes care of his beehives like
his family members. 
Zohrab has about 50 beehives and is so busy with them that sometimes he doesn’t even have
time to have lunch. His father is a big help for him, though Zohrab says, that he doesn’t like to
have a third person in between him and bee hives’ conversation.  
“Bee world is so amazing, – says Zohrab. I feel peaceful while watching these busy bees coming
back home with 0.02 mg of nectar. Bees need to stay healthy to work hard and not to spoil
anything. That’s why I am taking care of them as if my family members’. And so I don’t have to
do a lot of work to interfere with their everyday lives”. 
The fact is that people will disappear if there are no bees for even a year. So we should be very
responsible for all the animals for our wellbeing. 

Written by Van Harutyunyan
Translated by Anna Avagyan