Online Shopping

Online Shopping

In the era of internet online shopping has become an easy, affordable and a fast option. Saving time and comparing prices are along with other privileges of online shopping.  About 30-40% of the world population is evolved in online shopping for 24/7 and they really enjoy it. No matter where you are –at home or in the working place- if you need to buy a present you just do it online and save a lot of time. Nowadays the traffic is so heavy that people can’t afford free time even for grocery shopping; instead, they can do it online both saving the nerves and managing all the ongoing duties. As another bonus to the online shopping is the opportunity to be aware of all the latest discounts beforehand and to be able to use them. This isn’t definitely something new, but this virus became the reason and the chance to consider online shopping more than ever.

Every country has its own online system. In the countries like Armenia, for most of the people- especially those over 40- it’s not easy to cope with the new reality which they can hardly understand. For example, just a decade ago a payment card system was implemented. The result was that salaries, pensions and all other payments were carried out by cards. It was not welcomed by everyone, but anyway, people accepted it. 

And, of course, we can’t put the blame on people – since 2000 the technology has been developing so fast that people couldn’t follow up on it. And this is actually happening now with online shopping system as well. But the more we consider online shopping, the better we realize the importance of it. And yet, let’s not forget about the threats and risks. For example, one of the risks is that we don’t know about the quality of the goods and we can’t touch them, so we can just give a thorough examination of the website. In this case it is the source of feedback about the things to inform people whether to use them or not.

 While writing this article I recalled one of the stories that my father had told me. Back in 1965-1970’s there was no cars in the village where his mother used to live. One day the villagers saw a big car in the center of the village and nobody knew what to do with it. So one of the elder villagers decided to bring some straw to “feed” the car and, to his great surprise, it appeared to have an engine to move.

Written by Vanush Harutyunyan
Translated by Anna Avagyan