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Nadia is the Founder of the Digital Transformation Institute, and is an expert and evangelist on using the IoT, Blockchain and Big Data capabilities in and out of business.

Nadiia is a current Board Member of Credit Agricole Bank and Board Member of Ukraine State Enterprise “Prozorro Sales” where she has a key function – auction to realization of privatization as well as Deputy General Director for Digitalization and Innovation  of “UKROBORONPROM” ,which manages  the enterprises of the military-industrial complex in Ukraine, and employees 80,000 highly skilled people.

She is also an independent Director for several commercial companies’ Supervisory Board in Fintech, Cyber Security, IoT and Digital Transformation spheres.

During 12 years she held executive positions at #1 telecom operator in Ukraine, Kyivstar Company, 3 years in the field of logistics for the quality of GM Amway and for 5 years at the GM of the Black Sea region of Microsoft. Nadiia led more than 1,000 employees with her expertise and leadership. Under Nadiia’s supervision a Start-ups Incubator movement has been started with the focus of technological stack of Microsoft Cloud services. IoT Microsoft Incubator, 1991 Big Government Data and Cloud Business City for Smart City Solution are the incubators which were opened and supervised by Nadiia’s team. She is the constant speaker or moderator at big events with the topics on digital trends, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and Digital Transformation.

Nadiia is a role model and activist on gender equality and decent representation of women and girls in STEM disciplines. She is a Mentor for more than 15 women and girls. Nadiia is the leader of such communities as WELDI/Woman Executive Leadership Development Initiative created by American Chamber of Commerce where Nadiia held a position of the Board Member and Treasurer, STEM Woman Development program and a member of Women in Boards 2020. Nadiia has been contributing to women’s economic empowerment as a She Exports Ambassador in IT Industry since 2018 (She Exports Program was initiated by Export Promotion Office) and as a Global Ambassador of Vital Voices Global Partnership Project under the Bank of America.

Nadiia holds a PhD in Economics, an EMBA with the focus on Financial Asset Management, Master of International Law and Intellectual Property Law of the Institute of International Relations. Nadiia is a Certified Specialist in Digital Transformation modeling conferred by several universities, including LBS (UK), INSEAD, MIT. She also earned a Certified Specialist in Effective Board Management at Kellogg (USA) and IMD (Switzerland).