May 9th is not an ordinary date- it’s a symbol of a bright future. This is a tricolor holiday for us: Soviet nations, including Armenians, celebrate the victory of the Great Patriotic War in 1945, the liberation of Shushi, and the anniversary of the formation of the Artsakh Defence Force. We should value the reliable and safe days in the future, accept all the challenges of the world, and overcome all of them. We celebrate the victory over fascism and violence, that’s why there is no age limit in our country: both youth and seniors celebrate together. 

Many of us are proud of our grandparents’ medals awarded for their bravery and heroic deeds. Those alive vividly remember that special day of their victory. This is a special day for all of us because the victory of our grandparents is also our victory. More than 600 thousand Armenians fought and won in the battle. The whole world has acknowledged the power of the Armenian nation. We had 4 Armenian marshals in the war: Baghramyan, Babajanyan, Khudyakov (Khamperyants, pilot), and Tsovakal Isakov. A lot of people were awarded as the Heroes of the Soviet Union. 

  28 years ago on the 9th of May, the Armenian military forces started an operation “Wedding in the mountains” for the liberation of Shushi. It was the beginning of victories in the history of the Artsakh war, and our nation had many victories. May 9th is the anniversary of the formation of the Artsakh Defence Force.

 It will be very difficult for Armenians to stay at home on such a remarkable and awaited day with so many victories, but, anyway, we are also the nation who recalls the heroic deeds of our ancestors. It is not yet clear how we will celebrate May 9th, because the whole world is on lockdown. The celebration process in Armenia is also under discussion. The whole nation is ready to celebrate it by any chance, and many young people, when they read about the heroic deeds of their ancestors, are all proud of them.

 The Russian Federation is celebrating this day with a great parade as this is a victory month for them. Rumor has it that May 9th parade will take place in the Russian Federation.

Written Vanush Harutyunyan
Translated Anna Avagyan