Lucy currently works at the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia. Previously, she was the financial officer of a leading research and communication firm, she was also the, IT projects’ Coordinator for the Ministry of Healthcare of Republic of Armenia and leads a team of highly qualified IT specialists. She was the founder and managing partner MedNet LLC. Lucy graduated with a Master’s in Economics and Management from National Academy of Science of Republic of Armenia and also holds a B.S. in Economics and Engineering from the Economics and Communication at State Engineering University. She is fan of lifelong learning, dream about doing MBA in one of the world’s top universities, studying hard and building her network. She hates lies (because lies don’t travel far and the first casualty is your most precious asset, your credibility). And her favorite book is the Holy Bible where everyone can find all the life’s rules to live their best life according to the Bible. Lucy is fluent in Armenian, English, and Russian