While the world is busy fighting COVID-19 and dealing with lockdown restrictions, DNA is working harder than ever! Here’s the proof: during the quarantine our team created an online, free course on environmental topics for fifth graders. This allowed children to explore environmental issues, such as pollution, recycling, and natural disasters better and think of possible solutions. Conducted by experienced and skilled DNA volunteers, the training lasted for 5 weeks and ended only a few days ago!
Sofya, a young specialist is one of the trainers of this course. She has shared some inside information on how the entire process went.

“The course was for children aged 7-9 and 10-12. During those 5 weeks, we discussed topics such as environment, ecosystem, pollution, sorting and recycling of waste, etc. We had created the program considering children’s interests and age characteristics trying to avoid the usual classroom system and interactively conduct the meetings’, says Sofya.
She emphasizes that the information children got during the courses, was completely different from what they learn at school.
“Formation of qualities such as responsibility, care, and love towards nature has been a priority of our courses. They studied different approaches to the implementation of ecological work, learned about the shortcomings in Armenia related to environmental issues, and, of course, developed options to help make the current situation better”, she says.
Sofya confesses: the positive energy and emotions received from children are boundless.
“They will turn into wonderful memories’, she says.
Emma, 11 years old, tells the course allowed her to dive deeper into the environmental situation humanity has created.
“I learned that every small waste we leave in nature, can, in the end, make the Earth a chaotic place. I was surprised to learn that the plastic cups of one-time use can bring so much harm to nature. After the course, I’m more aware of the topic, so I’m for sure going to encourage everyone to stop the usage of plastic and replace it with glass or paper. I’m very concerned about all the environmental issues, because if there’s no nature, there’s no human life”, she says.
Emma mentions that she also learned about healthy and eco-friendly nutrition. The environmental enthusiast is now looking forward to new opportunities for learning more about the environment.
“I will definitely take part in another training course like this. After some years, I would love to have my participation in organizing such courses”, the 11-year-old adds.

Hovakim, another participant of the course, thinks the most crucial problems in the environment are the air, soil, and water pollution.

“The course itself was very impressive and unique, but the most memorable part was DIY crafting different things. I now know how to reach out and give a “helping hand” to nature when it needs that. Throughout the course I discovered many useful skills in myself that I will use in the future”, Hovakim says.
If you too are interested in learning something fun and useful about the environment, don’t forget to keep up with DNA for future projects like this! We would love to see you there!

Written by Nellie Melkonyan