I am a Volunteer in DNA NGO

 DNA is not only a platform for local and international volunteering programs but also empowers young people to strengthen the communities following the principles of democracy, human rights, and social entrepreneurship. You can read about international volunteering in our recent article here, but today we are going to talk with one of our local volunteers- Nellie Melkonyan.

My volunteering experience before DNA and after

Volunteering is more than a paid job as you find out your skills and accept new challenges.

I have been volunteering since 2014. My first experience was as a translator with different international organizations. As a result, I got acquainted with many new people, get skilled, and had my input in social development. I was also a volunteer in journalism. The second and the most engaging phase started from 2016 till 2019 when I was volunteering as an English club leader. I had a chance to travel a lot, participate in international projects, and different discussions.

I joined DNA at the beginning of the pandemic. When I met the creative team full of new ideas, I realized that this is going to be a perfect platform to develop.  

Three traits I discovered in me after volunteering for DNA

1. Keep to deadlines

2. Correct time management

3. Team working skills

DNA helped me to understand that teamwork is not beyond our reach once all the members have the same vision.

DNA NGO is an open platform to be creative

DNA is a source for self-development and self- expression, as there are no limits here. Even when we are limited to some topics, we are never restricted to be creative. 

The influence of DNA on personal growth

DNA granted me a chance to test my skills as a content writer. I could overcome this with the help of very interesting, highly motivated, and result-driven people. 

I don’t want to change anything now, and to me, this is an ideal environment for volunteering. It is principal to find people with the same mindset as you have who understand and accept you, value you and your efforts as a volunteer. 

Written by Ani Khachatryan

Translated by Anna Avagyan