Human Rights

As we have been informed the project aims to be a practical tool through which young people from different backgrounds and cultural contexts can gather together and reflect on a common theme as that of Human Rights.

So, the project did bring together young people from five different countries (Armenia, Jordan, Lebanon, Poland and Italy) and six working days were full of interesting discussions, group works and experience sharing activities. The project itself was unique, as the concept of “Human Rights” being vital globally, was discussed among young people from different cultural backgrounds and political issues. For instance, the groups from Jordan and Lebanon, based on their geopolitical position, had more to share about Syrian refuges and the issues about basic human rights.

On the other hand, we have been given unique chance to be a part of cultural nights and represent our countries through cuisine, dances and history. 
Last but not least, the project was in Treviso: a pleasant inland town in the Veneto, close to Venice, with beautiful canals and warm atmosphere. Everyone just enjoyed the days in Treviso and our team would like to thank organizer (both NGOs: DNA and ETV EuroTreviso) for this amazing experience. 

Edita Arzumanyan