I am sure you have participated in an interview or going to do it. I wonder if you are interested in a story behind the interviews. I bet you do. That’s why I am going to walk you through 5 simple steps of my success story on behalf of the DNA team. 
 I determined to apply for my dream course about a social activity as I was very active in this field.

 Step 1- Write a CV

 It’s not one of the simplest things to write a proper CV that is also among the essential steps on the way to reach your dream. Follow some general rules: introduce yourself, describe your education and work/ volunteer experience afterward (starting from the present or last ones). And yes, don’t forget to mention your skills.  
But in my case, I had to fill the form in about my motivation. I completed the first step with a proud smile and proceeded to step 2.

Step 2- Get ready for the interview

What do you expect during the interview? I am sure no one can predict, but there are some simple tricks to win in this “battle”. The most important one is to define where and why we are going, get more information about the company. So did I and went to the interview. 
Step 3- German punctuality

I highly recommend making a positive first impression. So be punctual with deadlines and meetings.  

Step 4- Self-control 

When you’re heading to the interview, please be aware that the questions can be unexpected. So try not to lose your self-control and panic.  
In my case, I was so happy about this interview that I got confused once they started to question me in turn. It was my first experience with so many questions.
Step 5- Analyze it after the final decision 

Don’t hurry up to analyze the results and get disappointed before they make the final decision. I made this mistake and was surprised when my candidacy was approved.  
I’d like to sum up my story and encourage you not to give up or be afraid of anything because of the feeling of victory that worth all your efforts. 
Written by Ani Khachatryan
Translated by Anna Avagyan