One faces both ups and downs in the course of his life. Some have more or less of each. The important thing here is the level of emotional intelligence that one has. This time DNA.NGO decided to address emotional intelligence as an important factor in reaching success.

What is emotional intelligence? What role does it have in our life?

Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient (EQ) is the ratio of mind and emotions, and man is the combination of both.

American psychologist Goleman explains emotional intelligence as the ability to maintain motivation, deal with nuisance, manage stress, empathize with others and develop reliability.

According to the research of another American psychologist Martin Selingman, success is not only achieved by man’s intelligence and skills, but it also depends on the ability to handle failure and deprivation (Goleman, 1995). Those people who are not able to take control over their emotional activities always struggle. Those people are always distracted when doing their work or concentrating their attention, which reduces their active energy and results in the inability to make the right decisions and solve problems.

Emotional intelligence is helpful to all of us regardless of our profession. It helps to understand our own emotions, to be able to manage those emotions and make sound decisions in many aspects of our lives: family, love life, friends and others.

Low EQ

This is the case when our brain and heart are in a constant struggle, and the winner is always heart i.e. emotions. If we give way to our emotions, we risk failing everything in life. Emotions firstly affect our mental health.  Our body starts to be exposed to stress and if we let that be unsolved it will soon grow into a depression.

Let’s take love relationship, we can often observe how smart people act unwisely steps affected by their emotions. The same may happen in sports, management, business or other fields. The stronger our emotions the more useless our intelligence becomes.

How to increase EQ level: Helpful tips

Developing your emotional intelligence may be time-consuming and complicated, however, it is not unreachable.

Keep an EQ diary and write down your emotions every two hours by answering these three questions every day:

  1. Where am I now?
  2. What do I feel?
  3. What is the root of that emotion?

After some time, you will be able to understand the roots of your emotions and manage them. Stronger emotions may be managed through sports or reading activities.

Always remember: “Executive directors hire for the intelligence and business experience and fire because of the absence of emotional intelligence” (D. Goleman).

 Written by Ani Khachatryan