Electricity and Recycling

This time we will study electricity and recycling with DNA. Electricity is one of the most important natural resources, which is obtained by various methods. Today, the development of electricity in Armenia is in a quite leading position, unlike in the 90s.


  • It is used in almost all spheres and has been serving humanity ever since.
  • It is a factor that has a great impact on the development of the economy.
  • It is the basis of the country’s stability and has a great demand.
  • It is in circulation regularly and it’s easy to carry out the transfer.

How do we get electricity

  • From Sun – Solar stations have been the essential source of electricity for centuries. It provides a large amount of electricity, which is vital for electrical networks.
  • From Wind-Wind plants generate and use electricity through the flow of wind.
  • Through photoelectric batteries
  • From garbage – They get electricity, oil, and heat. The heat serves in greenhouses, oil- in agricultural projects, and electricity is for the country.

Recycling is a process that takes place anyplace in the world, even in the home of per of us, when we collect it, sort, and give to the appropriate organizations. Every year the mass of garbage on the earth increases and causes serious ecological problems, dangerous diseases. However, the universe is still in damage. Today there are various recycling plants around the world ․ Recently, intelligent bins invented, which are very practical. There are different events organized in Armenia, and many young people participate with great interest and aid. Leading countries solve problems differently. They make recycling a profitable business․ People buy garbage from neighboring countries at an affordable cost, after which they sell the product to the very countries. In Armenia and the world, a little part of garbage is reused, and performing new projects to achieve higher results. In general,  recycling is the basis of human assurance, so it is necessary to raise awareness in society, to follow the experience of developed countries, and to apply new methods.

Written by Anush Mkrtchyan