Have you ever thought what does DIY means? We see it everywhere on YouTube and social media.

DIY stands for DO IT YOURSELF, it is a method of building, modifying, the activity of decorating, and making repairs at home by oneself rather than employing a professional.

People are inherently crafty, children learn by creating and playing.

Over time we often lose that playfulness, we simply say we do not have time to make anything and we go with what we know because it is safe, or we let someone else do it for us. All of this robs us of the joy of using our hands and our minds to take a chance and create something that is truly special.

I love seeing this much creativity everywhere I look. The DIY and Craft movement is infusing and I want to remind you that its ok to be proud of your creations, To make something yourself and to share it with someone is the ultimate act of giving.

As for me, I love DIY projects, it helps my mind to be more creative and instead of throwing out the stuff that I don’t need I turn it into something beautiful, it is similar to recycling.

One of my DIY projects was about “recycling broken colorful glasses”, since I break a lot and that’s not something to be proud of but I collected every single piece and turned it into Mosaic; on an MDF board colored in white and put it somewhere near my window so it shines like crystal when the sun hits the artwork. 

That’s why DNA always supports to use objects that are eco-friendly materials from around your home, because it is cheaper, more convenient, and you use supplies that you probably already have on hand, you can help transform your home into a “greener” space.

You can use cans and turn them into desk lamp, turn your old shirts and clothes into a comfy pillow, collecting wine corks and turn them into bath mat, you can make something from everything.

Switching up some simple habits to be eco-friendly can greatly improve your lifestyle for you and your entire family. Many might think that going green at home means making big budget changes to your lifestyle, but starting off with small changes can help you see instant benefits and can help you save money for bigger eco-friendly projects around your home.

My advice to you, Follow some of the DIY ideas and you will be amazed how easy they are.
If you are motivated from reading this blog, you should try some of the available DIY’s on social media, and try to put your ideas too not just copying.

Infuse your life with color and creativity. Make every day and everything you make special simply because you made it!

Written by,
Carolin Semerjian