Who is Lucy and her relation to DNA?

Interview with Lucy

Dear readers, in this post we would like to introduce you talented, smart girl, DNA team member Lucy. People in every organization are the most important asset!  If it is good you win, if it is poor you lose. It is that simple. So meet our Lucy! Who is she and her relation to DNA? 1. […]

Exploring democracy results into an unforgettable trip in Italy

This is a story about how people with the most possible differences became the best team ever. It all started with a coffee in the city center of Yerevan, and ended in Treviso, actually it is not ended. Thanks to ‘’DNA’’ NGO, during 11-16 of November we participated in “Democracy  our past, our present, our […]

Human Rights

As we have been informed the project aims to be a practical tool through which young people from different backgrounds and cultural contexts can gather together and reflect on a common theme as that of Human Rights. So, the project did bring together young people from five different countries (Armenia, Jordan, Lebanon, Poland and Italy) […]

Be a reason to smile

In the fast-paced world, people often get carried away with the routine tasks and forget the power of simple things. Once, Mother Theresa said, that we shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do. “Be a Reason to Smile” took the simple things as their cornerstone for reminding people that it […]


SPILEO, GREECE ​ (JULY 19-28, 2018)   The project, that took place in Spileo, Greece focused on diseases related to food and obesity and underlined the how crucial it is to address this subject. In this project, we helped young people to realize the importance of proper nutrition for physical and mental well-being and to adopt a healthy lifestyle […]