Lovely and cozy Romania teaches tolerance: four stories

During the project, I’ve learned many useful features that can help me with my other projects and everyday life. The most important I want to mention- teamwork. I learned how to work within a group with the people of many other countries and recognize that the strengths and weaknesses of individuals are only effective when […]

Summary of 5-week course on environment and eco-friendly lifestyle

Course on environment

In November 2019 our volunteers Mane and Mary with DNA’s support collaborated with Hakob Kojoyan Art Educational Complex in the scope of 5-week course on environment and eco-friendly lifestyle. We aimed to raise awareness about the importance of being environmentally friendly through 5 classes that tackled environmental issues and were aimed at making kids more conscious about the challenges […]

Exploring democracy results into an unforgettable trip in Italy

This is a story about how people with the most possible differences became the best team ever. It all started with a coffee in the city center of Yerevan, and ended in Treviso, actually it is not ended. Thanks to ‘’DNA’’ NGO, during 11-16 of November we participated in “Democracy  our past, our present, our […]

If We Can, Let’s Rethink the History

Armenian earthquake

How tight are history and presence connected? What is the impact that events leave on us and the presence we live in? These contemplations do not necessarily have an answer, but these questionings are important by themselves when we think about the destructive earthquake that took place in 1988, December 7th with a surface wave […]

Get Healthy Mentally

Mental illness

Corporations, businesses, markets, ads, shops, authors, directors work 24/7 to hook your attention to leave your self, and waste money on buying mundane things of no values. On my Facebook where winds bring anything that is gathered through my personal information suggests me and maybe you as well to download apps like “Better Help” or […]

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Violence against Women

We write, sing, create, argue, intrude, learn, protest, march… In light of what? To be accepted for who we are and how we are. Still, our bodies “speak” more of us, than words, and so are your thoughts, thoughts of the oppressors, stigmatized, stereotyped people. According to the World Health Organisation: Violence against women – […]

The Impact of Agriculture on the Environment


Before one can think of the impacts that we leave on the environment, let’s pause and understand what this fancy title is telling us. It is telling us that there is an impact, and in reality, it is not one.  Those of you who are spellbound by the Eastern spiritual practices are very well aware […]

The Importance of Non-formal Education

Non-formal education

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. Calvin Coolidge Education in this gadget-era? Knowledge in […]

Human Rights

As we have been informed the project aims to be a practical tool through which young people from different backgrounds and cultural contexts can gather together and reflect on a common theme as that of Human Rights. So, the project did bring together young people from five different countries (Armenia, Jordan, Lebanon, Poland and Italy) […]