Art and the impact on society

Art and the impact on society

Did you know that many things affecting the world and society?

Impacts are related to a lot of serious Natural phenomena in the world and society—such as environment, agriculture, Art and food security, water supply, transportation, energy, ecosystems, and others—and are expected to become increasingly disruptive throughout this century and beyond. 

Why don’t we do something good about it and turn it into a positive impact on society, like creating artworks, different types of art, because it is a free expression of our thoughts, emotions, and desires, it’s even more personal than that, art has a lot of impact in society, it is a global movement of artists and of projects that aims to gather creative and artistic projects from around the world!

Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time, and it influences society by communicating with each other via artworks, sounds, and motions.

Using the arts, culture, and creativity impacts society in all issues or matters of life. “Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to the generations of the world” (Leonardo da Vinci).

Alongside how art impacts on society, there is also recycling and the environment, as we all know that Recycling helps protect the environment.

Clean environment is essential for healthy living. Don’t you agree? Air and water pollution can cause diseases among other problems, therefore we should keep our environment clean and protected.

In December 2019 understanding the importance of recycling,   DNA decided to do a pilot project about recycling, We taught a 5-week course, at “Hakob Kojoyan” art school for young generations, our aim was to spread the importance of recycling, how the daily used objects like plastic, wood, and papers can turn into a piece of art, how to make something from nothing, and yes we made a beautiful TREE from used objects!

We are now starting Phase 2 of the program and teaching more primary schools in Armenia.

Let us spread positive and good things that affect society, everyone needs it and we can all help the environment, even by picking up a piece of garbage from the ground, everything counts!

Written by,
Carolin Semerjian