Airforce for youth

While joining the Air force Is a Prestigious Branch of the Military, and there is many benefits ranging from a chance to better yourself , gain Leadership Skills , learn a New Skill at No Cost , guaranteed salary but my journey has been much more rewarding.

Many of us have heard that children want to become pilots from an early age, but few of them succeed in realizing that dream. Young people involved in the aviation industry are mostly from families whose relatives, friends, and people are there. Being a pilot, you have to be perfectly healthy and rich in knowledge, because it is one of the professions that is not only responsible for one’s life, but also for many people and families.

It is true that today technology is developing very fast and the engineers are trying to do everything to make the work of the pilot easier and more efficient,  that’s why this era is leading to unmanned aerial flights, but anyway, long period is needed to allow people’s psyche to adapt.

Today there are people in our society who want to become pilots at a later stage of life, but there are many, many obstacles: expensive education, age restrictions, health problems, fear, and other issues.

One of the aspects of the social situation of the development of youth is the ability to choose a profession and determine the future career path . In adolescence there is a personal and professional self-determination, and a choice of life path. In his youth, a person  establishes ourselves, and acquire professional skills in our work.

At the young age, vocational training is comes to an end, the terms of which have now been greatly extended in connection with scientific and technical progress. The younger generation is highly capable, resistant to physical and psychological overload, capable of mastering complex forms of intellectual activity. At a young age, it is easy to acquire the knowledge, abilities and skills required for the chosen profession, developing the required personal and functional qualities.

I can say that at present, youth in Armenia are striving for easier work, that’s why there is a great need for very good professionals in our country. These days we need very smart, intelligent young people to rejuvenate, thrive, and move our country forward. Our youth are not very interested in aviation, and one of the reasons is that it is difficult to study at an aviation educational institution in our country today, many people dream of becoming a pilot, but there is also a fear factor that does not allow many of them to go and try to become a pilot; There is also a factor of parents, so that their young son does not become a pilot, and there is also a factor of fear. and so I can say that there is desire but there is no aspiration, and the most important guarantee of desire is aspiration.

Everyone in the field of Air Force, male or female, is well aware and understand that any line written in aviation is written in blood. As you read this, you may not imagine, what it is about, any catastrophes in antiquity have forced aviation professionals and staff to be more and more vigilant and do their job responsibly. The air force is one of the areas like for example, medicine, both in civilian and military life, deals with human life, and therefore there is no need to separate civilian or military. But in a country with enemies, it is difficult to be in the aviation industry, because you can have a combat flight at any time, and this is one of the reasons that our young people today are less interested in both military and civil aviation.

Written by Vanush Harutyunyan

Translation by Inna Voskanian