Adventure Tourism: Canyoning, Rafting, Diving

Adventure tourism is developing rapidly in Armenia, and the geographical location is a big help for it. As there are many types of adventure tourism, DNA is going to cover 3 of them: canyoning, rafting, and diving.


A relatively new direction for Armenia and there is a chance to combine with hiking, swimming, and rock climbing. While doing canyoning, you can train both your body and overcome some obstacles, like crossing the canyons, jumping, swimming, etc. 

Due to its flexible chart of possible difficulties (10-3), many people can do this sport. 


-Height-140 -190 cm

-Weight- up to 110 kg

– Ability to swim (preferable), not panic or be afraid of heights  

-Comfortable sport shoes

Where to do canyoning

Devils Bridge (3 out of 10, easy) 

Distance from Yerevan- 250 km in the Syunik region close to the Tatev monastery. The depth of the Vorotan river gorge is 500 m. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Armenia.

Khosrov forest (3 out of 10, easy)

Distance from Yerevan- 45 km, with many waterfalls of 5,7 and 25 m heights. 

Lichq (5 out of 10, not easy)

Distance from Yerevan is 350 km; there are many cascades of waterfalls and pools to cross by ropes, scroll, or jump. 

Tatev (8 out of 10, a difficult one)

This route is for well-trained people who are ready for new challenges. There are 16 waterfalls with cascades, and you can do only half of them within a day. 


It is one of the most extreme water sports. It is riding an inflated raft with 4-20 people to navigate the river. The suitable rivers in Armenia are Dzoraget, Qasagh, Tartar, and Debed. Mostly used one is Debed -12 km for 1.2 hours. You can also combine e rafting with hiking and blob jumping. 

Before you do rafting:

-Get acquainted with the security rules and sign it

-Get an extra pair of clothes just in case you are wet

-Have waterproof technic to capture the best moments


It is not a secret that Armenia is a mountainous country with a small chance of diving. But the lake Sevan is more than comfortable for it, and this is an altitude type of diving that is rare in the world. The fauna of the lake is not about the fish and corals: you can enjoy the cliffs, different archeological sites, and much more new.

 We want to highlight the fact that even with some restricted chances, all the mentioned types are getting popular.

Special thanks for the information to Diving in Armenia, Rafting in Armenia, Canyoning in Armenia

Written by Ani Khachatryan

Translated by Anna Avagyan