About the importance of reading books

We live in the era, when we need to promote reading habits among people, especially the youth. We also need to assist in using books as the most effective and valuable source of knowledge. Whatever you read affects us one way or another. You can cope with life challenges better if you are well informed. 
Don’t forget that all our belongings are temporary, except for your knowledge. And it’s worth reading books if only to have bright ideas. Our brain is an amazing organ dedicated to conserving all this information.  

Have you noticed that books can be jealous of us for spending more time with computers? We get books only in case of no electricity or internet connection. 
Recent research showed that reading books is the best remedy to overcome stress. Undoubtedly reading is more effective than walking, drinking a cup of coffee, or listening to music. Once you get older, your brain keeps thinking due to reading. So we can eliminate memory problems being busy with books.
But is there another point of view? And what about the poets in the 21st century who will survive till the 22nd one? Though no one could plan or predict it, some did so for 2 or 3 centuries. 
Most of the people read mainly electronic books. When you are young, the perception of the information is fast, that’s why parents beg or demand their children to read more.  
The new generation reads less than the old one. In the 1970s, there was no internet, so now we can get the information staying at home.  
Throughout life, a person-Homo sapiens tries to get the information from affordable sources.
Nowadays, there are very many free platforms to read your preferred books. Just pick one and do it. It’s a way to a better life. Don’t hesitate! Take a book and let’s get to a new world.

 Written by Vanush Harutyunyan
Translated by Anna Avagyan