Racism is defined as discrimination among people and society. This term has different meanings, but the main idea is that people can be grouped by various categories. What does it mean? It means, depending on their social behavior, some special identification from birth, there are superior and inferior groups of people.  
The Holocaust, slavery in the USA, and some other ones are examples of racism. Since 1966some powerful and great-minded people have been trying to reform it in the prisons with many”black” representatives. Soon they have been welcomed warmly, and people started to protest
against the government of the USA. 
The world now is living through the crisis causing many civil wars, starvation, diseases, and epidemics. One of the famous people said:” Don’t let racism be a victim of racism. “This means that we have to prevent protests without any harm whenever possible.   We are all aware of the situation happening now in the USA: the murder of an Afro-American
by a white American police officer, who has pinned him face down on the ground and pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes. George Floyd was being accused of purchasing by fake credit cards. The Minnesota State is mourning, and people are in a rage
demanding to punish the murderer of George Floyd and all 3 police officers who did nothing to prevent it.
As a result of the protests, one of the protestors has died, a police station has been burned down, the city hall has announced 3 days of an emergency, and 3 police officers, charged in the murder, have been fired. But the protests won’t stop, as they are waiting for punishment.  

 Racism can be expressed in many ways, like social, political, and many others.
Written by Vanush Harutyunyan
Translated by Anna Avagyan